Bosch Rexroth/Indramat MHD Servo Motor

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  • The Indramat MHD Servo Motor is a permanent magnet servo motor with an encoder for commutation, rotor position and speed control.
  • The Indramat MHD motor system has a quick start up because the motor data is stored in the memory of the encoder.
  • Indramat MHD servo motors are designed for: Machine Tools (Metal Cutting), Printing, Paper, Material Handling, Automation, Packaging and Food Production.
  • This series comes in 1.3Nm to 250Nm of continuous torque at stand still.
  • The shafts can come with or without a keyway.
  • The feedback systems offered for the Indramat MHD servo motor series are: an incremental encoder or a multi turn absolute encoder.
  • Each series of Indramat MHD servo motors have several brake options.
  • The connector can face four directions (drive end, opposite drive end, right or left).
  • There is a liquid cooling provision for Indramat MHD servo motors.

Why Choose us?

Our technicians apply their understanding of the whole servo system, to truly diagnose and correct the failure in your Indramat servo motor. Our servo system knowledge, extensive inventory of remanufactured units and our long term experience servicing Indramat servos keeps Magna as the top provider for Indramat/Bosch Rexroth servo motors. Providing the best value in supporting the older legacy servo motors, we keep you running with no unnecessary down time.

We are committed to the highest industry standards. If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us! (800) 221-3561. There are thousands of units in our inventory, we have what you need.


If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us!