Fanuc Servo Systems

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Fanuc servo systems have a distributed signal network throughout their systems. The network setup alone suggests that a service center that understands both Fanuc servo motors and Fanuc servo drives should be used when a repair/rebuild is needed. Magna Products Corp. is your best option to keep your Fanuc system optimally running the way the factory designed it to.

All Fanuc units that Magna repairs or rebuilds are final tested on a Fanuc test stand. This test stand is specifically designed to simulate machine conditions. With this, Magna verifies that the unit is running in optimal condition.

Why Choose us?

Magna Products Corp. can fix the failure in your Fanuc servo motor or servo drive. Because of our servo system knowledge and extensive inventory, our technicians will work with you to find the cause of your failure. We provide the absolute best value in supporting the older legacy servo motors and servo drives.

All rebuilds are completed at our facility. Each unit serviced by Magna is returned to original Fanuc specifications and performs like new. At Magna, we strive to provide the highest level of service.

We are committed to the highest industry standards. If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us! (800) 221-3561. There are thousands of units in our inventory, we have what you need.

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If you do not find the item that you are looking for, please call us!