Servo Repair, Engineering and Training Services

Come to the servo repair center that has been repairing servo motors and servo drives for over 40 years. All servo motors, servo amplifiers and power supplies are returned to original manufacturer’s specifications, and carry a one year warranty against defects in workmanship and material.

Servo Repair Engineering

  • Extensive library of technical documentation and drawings
  • Engineering based electronic troubleshooting on component and system level
  • Custom built Bill of Materials with acute attention to detail in following OEM specification.

Servo Repair Equipment

  • State of the art cleaning capabilities
  • Complete mechanical repair equipment that includes winding, machining, welding and remagnitizing.  
  • Dedicated closed loop test stands to ensure that all remanufactured units meet original performance specifications.

Servo Training and Procedures

  • Highly skilled technicians trained by OEMs.
  • Documented procedures with a 30 year track record for dependable quality.

Servo Repair

"We appreciate the fast turn around and hard work that Magna displayed. In the future I will have you quote repairs of power supplies and amplifiers as well. "

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