International Services

International Services

Shipping Servos Internationally

Magna Products Corp. is an established servo supplier for international customers. With extensive experience expediting shipments across the globe, Magna works with the major shipping carriers and customs on a regular basis. When it comes to shipping orders, ensuring that our customer’s replacement machine parts are delivered quickly and safely is Magna’s top priority.

Knowledgeable Servo Customer Service Representatives

Magna’s knowledgeable customer service representatives speak multiple languages. When necessary, translation programs are used to work with international customers. This ensures that Magna provides the most comfortable experience for our customers, and to make sure that all needs are met. We have a universal understanding of “downtime,” regardless of what language it is spoken in.

With over 50 years in the servo industry, Magna is the dedicated servo service center.

Magna is an allied member of Electrical Apparatus Service Association Inc. (EASA). EASA is the leading international trade organization in electrical and mechanical equipment sales, service and repairs for motors, pumps, generators, drives and more.

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